Maytronics Ltd. is the manufacturer of "Dolphin," the original computerized automatic swimming pool cleaner. Development, assembly and marketing of Dolphin are all carried out in-house. Maytronics holds ISO 9002 approval and markets the Dolphin throughout the world to over 40 distributors.

Maytronics brings you the smartest pool cleaner in the world. Dolphin electronic pool cleaner is a robot that sweeps, scrubs, filters and vacuums your entire pool. It is completely independent. Just place the lightweight Dolphin in the pool and switch it on. Dolphin learns the dimensions of your pool and self programs itself to scan the pool efficiently. All debris and dirt are brushed and vacuumed into the Dolphin's self contained filter bag.

The latest state-of-the-art microprocessor control is incorporated in Dolphin robot pool cleaners. As a result, it delivers the most advanced self-programming pool cleaning technology that enables the robot to automatically calculate the most effective cleaning patterns, according to your pool's dimensions.

Dolphin runs on a safe 24V and abides by the safety standards of the International Electromechanical Commission.

Dolphin Pool Cleaners
There are two kinds of Dolphin pool cleaners:

Diagnostic Units:

- Automatically self programs itself to your pool's shape and size.
- Includes self-diagnostic electronics to monitor Dolphin's performance.

Dynamic Units:

- Includes all diagnostic features plus remote control (wireless).
- Special scanning programs for hexagon and round pools.
- Automatic suction control.
- Air sensor (for "zero depth") pools.

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